Nail Infection Treatment

Do you have Toenail Fungus?

There are a number of factors that your doctor will use to determine if you should begin a particular nail infection treatment regimen.  Most infections are painless, especially in the early stages, so if the fungus is not causing any discomfort and you don’t mind the discoloration, your doctor may elect not to treat the problem at all.  Bear in mind though, a fungus left unchecked may deteriorate and eventually spread to surrounding skin tissue and other toenails.

If you have a preexisting condition, such as diabetes, your doctor will probably advise you to take action immediately to curb the spread and growth of the fungus. Toenail fungus infections can be very persistent so the sooner you are diagnosed, the sooner you can begin toenail fungus treatments.  Early nail infection treatment does not guarantee success, but is certainly helps!

Choosing a Toenail Fungus Treatment

There are numerous options to select from when choosing your nail infection treatment:

      Antifungal Pills –


oral medication is usually reserved for the most persistent, severe, and difficult to treat cases of toenail fungus infections.  Your doctor will prescribe this type of medication as there are potential side effects. 

      Topical Antifungal Treatment – if you have a mild fungal infection a cream which is applied to the nail and surrounding skin is likely to be of benefit to you.   

      Surgical Toenail Removal – in severe cases it is sometimes necessary to remove the nail completely when the fungus simply will not go away; removal of the nail prevents any further spread of the fungus. 

      Natural Remedies – there are a number of natural remedies worth trying on mild fungal infections; try applying tea tree oil or oregano oil to the infected area.

Fungus Nail Infection Treatment

It is important to establish whether in fact you do have a nail fungus infection before starting any treatment plan, take advice from your doctor in this regard as some medical conditions can look like toenail fungus to the untrained eye.

Your doctor will invariably start you on the mildest toenail fungus cure available and will only suggest a more aggressive treatment plan if the infection doesn’t respond. 

Patience is vital, no matter which nail infection treatment program you choose, it may take up to one year for your toenails to completely return to normal. 

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